Power consumption of my home

I’m having a service named “FLET’S Miruene” provided by NTT East, which visualizes the power consumption of the house.


The image below shows the hourly transition of whole house power consumption on a day in August. Data from the previous day is displayed together. Data is gathered from sensors attached to the power distribution panel.


In the midnight hour, around 0.25kWh – 0.35kWh is spent. During these hours, refrigerator, STB with HDD recording function of cable TV, WiFi LAN station, NAS, and terminal device of the Internet. As described below, the power consumption of equipment regarding the network is 0.03kWh, so most of the power is consumed by refrigerator. In the winter, at the same time, about 0.13kWh is consumed.

On the previous day, before noon, started to use air conditioning, then power consumption is rising rapidly. Air conditioning was kept running until evening, but power consumption is becoming lower.

In the evening, I went shopping with my family. It should be in the same state as midnight because all lighting is turned off. But power consumption was a little higher, it may be due to the refrigerator.

The following image shows the hourly transition PC and related equipment power consumption on the same day. The data was gathered from the sensor attached to the outlet. The outlet is used by a PC, WiFi station, NAS, and terminal device of B FLETS (Internet).


Only 0.03kWh is consumed by the PC and peripherals when the PC is in sleep mode. Since power consumption is almost the same as PC shutdown, it means WiFi, NAS, and the terminal device consume about 30W.

It is about 0.08kWh if the PC is not sleeping, and 0.12kWh when I use the PC.

PC may run various tasks at midnight, but if you run the tasks during the time you use the PC, not the midnight to keep it sleep from midnight to the next evening, power consumption becomes lower. Before I had run the tasks such as backups at midnight but moved it to the time of 21 to 23 o’clock when I often use a PC. The overall power consumption became lower because my PC can sleep longer from midnight to evening the next day.