How to avoid CJK font when using Dolphin Jetpack on Nexus7

I tried Dolphin Jetpack, which is said that makes the Dolphin browser extremely fast.

Dolphin Jetpack uses its own improved Webkit rendering engine. They say that the Dolphin browser with Jetpack is 5x-10x faster than the Android browser and 2x faster than Chrome.

I certainly feel the Dolphin browser become much faster. I haven’t used the Dolphin browser since Chrome came, but I want to use Dolphin again.

However, on Nexus7, the Dolphin browser with Jetpack uses CJK font instead of Japanese font. CJK font is a package of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts. It contains 30K characters in only 3M byte size. But it is not appropriate for displaying Japanese. It’s not good to use CJK font because Nexus7 has a beautiful Japanese font.

I found a reason by checking the Internet. I have to fix the order of fonts in the fallback_fonts.xml.

There is a file named fallback_fonts.xml under the /system/etc, which describes the font name to be applied. The written order of the fonts means priority. The last three entries of the file are AndroidEmoji.ttf, DroidSansFallback.ttf, and MTLmr3m.ttf. DroidSansFallback.ttf is CJK font, and it is written above Japanese font (MTLmr3m.ttf), and prior to it.

There is also a file named fallback_fonts-ja.xml. In this file, MTLmr3m.ttf is written above DroidSansFallback.ttf. fallback_fonts-ja.xml may be used when the LOCALE value is ja_JP, but when using the Dolphin Jetpack, fallcack_fonts.xlm is used for an unknown reason.

So, I changed the order of the last two entries of fallback_fonts.xml. Then beautiful Motoya font (Japanese) is displayed even Dolphin Jetpack is on.

You must have root privileges to rewrite fallback_fonts.xml.