SGP Galaxy S2 (SC-02C) Case Neo Hybrid

Last edited on Sun, 2011-08-07 18:56
SGP Galaxy S2 Case SGP Galaxy S2 Case SGP Galaxy S2 Case

I bought a case for my Galaxy S2 by SGP, which is located LA, USA. They have an agent in Japan, and you can buy from Amazon Japan. I feel a black design of SGS2 is not so good, then I want a colorful case. I think a red is good, but sold out. Then I got a yellow case.

This yellow is quite a good, slightly darker yellow. Photo is slightly brighter, but in fact, little dark.

I chose the SGP Neo Hybrid, because it is so luxury. I don't like cheep plastic case. SGP has various sort of cases, from very ultra-thin to little thick one. You may want to read explanations in a site of official SGP stores. The price is little bit high, I chose one which has a cool look.

First put a black silicone cover, then put a yellow frame on it. The black part is a matte finish and good contrast with the gleaming surface of the original Galaxy S2. The back of the Galaxy S2 of NTT DoCoMo version has not rough finish that international version has, I'm little disappointed. The back side of the this case is not slippery. When I have it in hand, it's good. But it's a little not smoothly when sliding into a pocket.

This case almost satisfied me. It looks very very good.