Search and Tag photos by camera on your photostream of Flickr

Last edited on Thu, 2013-02-07 18:03

I upload all photos I took to Flickr. From these photos, I want to identify only the photos taken with the specified camera. Hmm, how should I do this?

I can see Exif info of each photo on Flickr, but it takes very long time to see one by one. I found the following way to get photos that taken by specified camera.

How to search by camera on your photostream

There is a Camera Finder pages on Flickr, which is created for each camera model. You can go from Camera Finder menu item in the Explorer menu which is most right of the menu items at the top of the page. Or you also can go from the link of camera model which on the right side of the each photo page.

Nexus One camera finder page

There is a search field at the bottom of the each camera model page. Some search word is inserted. Anyway click the Search button and go to search result page.

Then you enter the search result page of photos taken by that camera. Now search target is entire Flickr, so change it to "Your Photostream". Search word field should be blank. Then you can search photos taken by specified camera from your photostream.

Search by camera

How to tag by camera model

Now I could create the photo list taken by specified camera. But I want to do some process such as tagging to all photos in the list. That is, I want the list be input of organize function of Flickr. I couldn't find the way to do this.

But I found the web site, h4ppier photos.

h4ppier-photos uses Flickr API, so you need authentication by Flickr. By this web site, you can do various processes for the results of photo search. In the menu, there is ”Add Exif data as tags/descrptions to these photos", which is tagging by Exif data includes camera model name.

h4ppier photos screen

Exif data for tagging is camera name, exposure, aperture, ISO. Camera Name was divided to separate tag such as "Nexus" and "One" if the camera name string has whitespace.

Anyway, I was able to tag each photos by camera name, then I can use Flickr organizer to process normally.