Paul McCartney & Wings - Venus And Mars

Last edited on Sun, 2011-10-02 16:54

This is the first LP record which I bought in my life. I lost it, but suddenly I want to listen this album, and I looked for CD.

But it seemed it is out of print, and second-hand CDs are sold at very high prices. I kept looking for here and there, finally I found a second-hand CD which price is $28.99 at I bought it. It is a reasonable price even shipping $6.89 is added.

I got it, and listened. Listening the first track "Venus and Mars", Feeling nostalgic. I remember excitement of dropping a needle on to the edge of LP record. This feeling may not be understood by young digital natives.

The CD is re-mastered, and it may be different sound from I listened from LP record.

When I was young, I could listen the whole LP record only to focus on sound, and was very impressed.