Offering page for printing, PDF version

Last edited on Sat, 2012-07-07 21:53

While reading an article below,

Seven Expert Tips For Outstanding Web Writing

I found a description that recommends to offer providing a page for printing. Surely I can find pages in a PDF for printing on many sites. The article says that it's better for a long page, or series pages to print by PDF. Drupal can provide a link to a page for printing on each Book content type page.

I installed Printer, e-mail and PDF versions module for offering a link to a page for print not only on Book page, but other content type pages. This modules puts links to the page for printing, PDF version, and sending it by email on an each content page.

Using this module, it is necessary to install an additional tool for creating PDF pages. This module supports dompdf and TCPDF, but dompdf doesn't support unicode, then I choso TCPDF.

Donwloaded from the link below,

and install it under 'sites/all/libraries/'. Previously it can be installed under 'sites/all/modules/print', but now you should install external libraries under '/sites/all/libraries/'.

I needed to install Japanese fonts. Referring the page below,

I installed IPA font, it works well.