Irodama Live Wallpaper Pro

Last edited on Mon, 2012-08-13 14:02

Irodama Live Wallpaper paid version is available, which more functions added on FREE version.

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Various color balls produced, drifting on a screen and disappearing.
If two color balls meet, new color ball is produced.
The color balls become transparent and finally disappear.
Sometimes, Android guy appears. Rarely, he will cause something happen.

The ball disappears by touching it. Some balls are generated by touching on a point that other balls not exists on the screen.

Functions added on FREE version:
- Up to seven screens, different colors of balls are able to set.
- Selectable size of balls from 10 (Small) to 50 (Large).


1. Max Number of balls

Choose maximum number of color balls from 10 to 80. Default number is 60. If a current number of balls reaches the max. number, a transparent ball (alpha < 30) disappears and new ball is generated.

2. Speed of balls

Choose speed of balls from 1 (Slow) to 5 (Fast).

irodama random
irodama red
irodama blue
irodama yellow
irodama cyan
irodama magenta
irodama white
irodama gray
irodama settings
irodama settings
irodama settings

3. Size of balls

Choose size of balls from 10 (Small) to 50 (Large).

4. Type of balls

Choose type of balls from Clear, Bokeh1, and Bokeh2.

5. Color of balls

Choose balls' color of each screen (up to seven screens). Colors are Random, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, White, Gray and Custom. A position of screen is auto detected. Offset value is needed for auto detection. Please move your screen some times for detection of a number of screens. If you choose 'Custom', Color picker appears to pick your favorite color.

6. Background color

Background color is customizable by Color Picker.

Irodama Live Wallpaper doesn't have image data except a small 'Android Robot' bitmap. It's a smaller than other Live Wallpapers.